Alimentos y costumbres tradicionales de bodas chinas

Alimentos y costumbres tradicionales de bodas chinas

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China is an ancient nation steeped in traditions for almost every aspect of life. Weddings, of course, are no exception. Below are some of the traditions and pre-wedding customs for Chinese weddings.

When to Get Married

Chinese astrology still plays an important role in many lives. Chinese astrologers used a complex, numerically-based system to determine the best time for a couple to marry.

Even if astrology is not used, there are other traditions that determine the best and worst months to marry. According to the website Fengshui.com, ‘In general, the Chinese will avoid holding the wedding during the first lunar month to avoid clashing of luck with the new year. The third (Ching Ming Festival), seventh (commonly known as the Hungry Ghost Festival or Zhong Yuan Festival) and ninth (Chung Yeung Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day) lunar months are avoided due to the negative yin (阴) forces. The lunar sixth month is also avoided due to the taboo belief of the sixth month being a half-year and therefore implies a half-marriage.’

Traditional and Contemporary Wedding Customs

Food for Chinese Weddings

Traditional wedding foods vary depending on geographic location. Usually, the Chinese wedding couples will serve their guests the best dishes made from the best ingredients they can offer during the wedding banquet. They also served foods with lucky meanings: